Bank of Guizhou 貴州銀行 (stock code: 6199.HK) adopting AISecurius, becoming the First HKEX-listed financial institution from Guizhou Province

Case Background

In 2019, Bank of Guizhou Co., LTD 貴州銀行 ("Bank of Guizhou", stock code: 6199.HK) was successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX), becoming the first HKEX-listed financial institution from Guizhou Province.

As the sole city commercial bank established under the auspices of the Guizhou Provincial Government, the Bank of Guizhou stands as one of the more recent entrants into the international capital arena. With the rapid economic growth of Guizhou, the Bank of Guizhou has emerged as a key client of AISecurius, leveraging its AML service to bolster risk management capabilities and safeguard customer assets.


  • Realtime Fraud Detection: Help finance services like banking enhance their fraud detection posture and enable more effective GTM and better ROI for core banking products like loans and credit card services by lowering the fraud risk

  • Mobile Banking App Security: Meets the security requirements of the Practice Guide for Mobile Security [ISPG-SM03] proposed by OGCIO

  • Anti-AI Video Fraud and eKYC Solution

  • AI modeling development, Analytic & Migration Services

AISecurius leveraging AI and Big Data to deliver the simplest and most effective business security solution against the above AI-fraud. It's atbCAPTCHA can quickly and accurately distinguish whether the operator is a human or a machine to identify fraudulent behavior, monitor and intercept abnormal behavior in real time.


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