XingFS Storage DS provides decentralized object and large data storage services, with high capacity, flexible expansion, high reliability, architecture decoupling and other advantages. It is specially used in professional fields such as media production, media storage, audio and video archiving, and cluster rendering.

XingFS supports high-speed networks such as 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, 100GbE and InfiniBand. By distributed hashing algorithms to locate data in storage pools instead of centralized or distributed metadata server indexes. All storage systems can intelligently locate the access path of any data, solve the dependence of distributed storage on metadata servers, eliminate single points of failure and performance bottlenecks, and truly realize parallel data access and real linear performance growth.

Xing FS distributed storage system can be expanded to hundreds of PB, and it supports online expansion without interrupting the running business during the expansion process. The entire expansion process can be completed within a few minutes. The distributed storage system expands horizontally through new nodes, and immediately obtains higher aggregation performance and larger capacity after expansion. Users can purchase configurations on demand, and as the business grows, they only need to purchase more nodes, which will greatly reduce the user's purchase and use costs.


XING FS distributed file system processes the file data and stores it on multiple hard disks of multiple nodes after the data is multi-checked, so as to ensure that the data can always be accessed, even in the case of hardware failure. . Self-healing restores data to its correct state, and repairs are performed incrementally in the background with little to no performance load.


If you are interested in XingFS, please send email to [email protected]

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