Deepfake Job Scams: A Growing Threat?

Deepfake Job Scams: A Growing Threat?

Case Background

In July 2022, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) issued a warning about scammers using “Deepfake” technology to impersonate job seekers during remote interviews. These fraudsters aim to defraud companies, steal payroll, and pilfer trade secrets.

How does the scammer impersonating job seeker?

1) Fake Job Postings: Scammers post enticing fake job ads on recruitment websites, luring genuine job seekers.

2) Disguised Resumes: Scammers pose as job seekers and submit fabricated resumes to legitimate job openings.

3) Deepfake Interviews: Once invited for an interview, scammers seamlessly overlay their own face with the job seeker, ensuring lip movements match the audio, creating a convincing virtual interviewee.

Once successfully interviewed and hired, the fake interviewee will be allowed to access sensitive data like company personal identifiable information, financial data, company IT databases and/or proprietary information.


How can help HR to Identify Fake Job Seekers?

First, Identification of "DEEPFAKE" fraudulent videos. During the remote interviews, interviewee can be asked to press their nose and face to observe the changes whether their face will be interfered; Download voice analysis software can help identify voice abnormalities; Using generative adversarial network to identify fake images more accurately.

Second, Prevention of "DEEPFAKE" utilization. AISecurius device fingerprint can identify legitimate users and potential fraudulent behaviors by recording and comparing device fingerprints. Its technology identifies virtual machines, proxy servers, emulators and other maliciously controlled devices, analyzes whether the device has abnormal behaviors such as multiple account logins, frequent IP address changes, and frequent device attribute changes, and helps track and identify fraudulent activity.


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